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The “Lola meaning slang” is a question that is asked often. Lola means the English word for lollipop.

What is the English of Lola?

What is Lola’s English like?

1Philippines nounlolas A grandma, to be precise. There are more examples of sentences. ‘I cherish the hours I spent with my lola.’

What does the Sanskrit word Lola mean?

Lakshmi is a Hindu deity.

In other languages, what does Lola mean?

In Spanish, Romance languages, and other language families, Lola is a female given name. It is a diminutive of the Spanish name Dolores, which means “sorrows,” and is derived from one of the Virgin Mary’s titles: Nuestra Seora de los Dolores, or Our Lady of Sorrows. Lola is also a short version of Aloisia, a German name that has nothing to do with Lola.

What does the Indian word Lola mean?

Lola is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Lola name meaning is Lady of Sorrows; Strong Woman; Sorrow; Little and Womanly; Female Version of Charles; Carl; Renowned in Battle; Fickle; Changing; Beautiful; Lakshmi is a Hindu deity..

In the Bible, what does Lola mean?

It is a biblical name derived from the Hebrew ‘dolores,’ which means ‘pain.’ Maria de las Dolores, which translates to ‘Mary of the Sorrows,’ is one of the numerous Spanish titles for the Virgin Mary. The name Dolores is widely used; it has 31 different spelling variations in English and other languages.

Is there a biblical name for Lola?

Despite its origins as a designation for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother, Lola has come to have a variety of sensuous connotations…. Lola Lola Lola Lola Lola Lo (given name)

A statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin Mary’s title from whence the name Lola comes.
Gender female

Is Lola a nickname for Grandma?

Grandmothers’ Popular Ethnic Names Lola is the most prevalent grandma name in the Philippines. Oma is a common ethnic term for grandma in Germany, and it’s frequently used by grandparents who aren’t German. Greek: YaYa is a common grandma nickname in Greece, maybe because it sounds so happy.

Is there a Hawaiian name for Lola?

Lola – What Does Lola Mean? Germanic, Spanish, Latin, and French are Lola’s native languages. It is mostly used in the languages of Spanish, English, Hawaiian, and Italian. In the Spanish language, Lola is a common version of Carlotta (Italian, English, and Spanish). Lola is a common name for little girls.

What does the Japanese word NALU mean?

to make waves (intransitive) nalu to think, conjecture (intransitive)

What does the Hawaiian word Kalia mean?

Kalia is a Hawaiian girl’s name that means “flower wreath or the cherished.”

What do you call a girl from Hawaii?

The term “wahine” was first used for a Maori lady, particularly a wife, in the late 18th century when it was borrowed from Maori, the language of a Polynesian people native to New Zealand. In Hawaiian and Tahitian, the term is also used for a lady, however it is written “vahine” in the latter.

What exactly does Malakai imply?

Malakai’s origins are unknown. This name is a variation of Malachy and means’messenger’ or ‘angel.’ This name was also recorded in the Old Testament as one of the minor prophets.

In the Bible, what does Malika mean?

This name derives from the Hebrew and Arabic “mal’ak > malak”, meaning “angel, messenger”. In the Hebrew Bible the noun “Malak” (messenger) is used 214 times, of which approximately (according to translations in the King James Version) 103 times concern human messengers and 111 times concern heavenly messengers.

In Hawaiian, what does Marina mean?

This is a modest boat harbor.


The “lola meaning in french” is a question that has been asked many times. Lola is the English word for “Lola”.