During the pandemic, Genshin bought great joy and life to plenty of gamers old and young. It has since carried over to the post-pandemic era we have today. The Liyue, Mondstadt and Inazuma storylines were released during the pandemic, and following patches soon came in the post-pandemic era. Many refer to the game as part of their joy. And many also perceive the game as a source of worthy investment and entertainment.

It did not take much for the game to attract content creators of all kinds. First were the streamers, second were the metagamers and the calculators. They were the kind of people who liked spreadsheets about them – they monitored, calculated, and tried out damage. That way, they could max out and get the most out of the damage that they put out in the game.

Damage-dealing is a part of the gameplay of Genshin Impact. Since it is an open-world game,

The State of Meta

The state of meta in Genshin is ever-changing and ever-evolving. When we begin the game, we are introduced to various elemental reactions – the damage we get from combining attacks of two elements, or even three, in consecutive strikes. The state of meta is not exactly random and unlike an online e-bingo game. Hoyoverse, during the planning of the game, has been quite meticulous.


When you begin in-game, you need carriers who are sufficient and deal enough damage for you to progress through the in-game story (which, by the way, is still not done) and the content of the game, which you need to make your units stronger. By making your units stronger, you can farm for their items and also get strong enough to move through the game levels. After you’re done with that, you also may need to clear the Spiral Abyss mechanic.

As much as different elemental reactions being in vogue can stay for a while, they are only temporary.


Not everyone is fit to live the life of a meta-gamer. People can only play if they want to – and change if they want to. Personally, I prefer playing Meta only if it’s the character I really like. That is how much I enjoy the character and their playstyle, and of course, I would want them to be strong in-game. Other people prefer to have fun.


The meta point and style of gaming is that it makes things easier. However, some units that are not “meta” can be hard to use. There are gamers who like a challenge, and hence, that is a better experience in-game – and achieve, compared to just getting it easy.

The Point of the Game

Not every player in Genshin plays for competitive achievements. The game is a gritty one by nature.


Hence, every built character is a thousand hours of labor on their Talents, Artifacts, and Weapons. People play to enjoy the story – and have fun.

Wrapping Up

Competitive gaming is not a new term or experience for gamers. However, not everyone is built to play meta in Genshin Impact. People have different affinities for the way they game and the way they make their choices in-game. Hence, people who don’t play meta should not be shamed.