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Zepto, a San Francisco-based startup, recently raised a $100M Series C round from Y Combinator Continuity. YC Continuity led this round of funding, and the investment more-than doubled the company’s valuation, raising it to $570M. This additional funding will help strengthen the company’s existing services and expand its offerings.

This article will examine why Zepto raised a $100M Series C round from YC Continuity.

Zepto Raises A $100M Series C Round From YC Continuity; Valuation Doubles To $570M

Zepto, a consumer data insights company, recently raised $100 million in venture funding from Y Combinator’s Continuity fund. The San Francisco-based startup was founded in 2018 and has quickly grown to become one of the top companies in the consumer data analytics space.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, Zepto builds consumer insights profiles that can be used to more accurately personalize digital experiences. This technology powers recommendations and tailored content for many leading brands, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others. In addition to helping brands create personalized customer experiences, Zepto is also a key partner to agencies that use its insights technology to improve their clients’ relationships with customers.

The recent investment from Continuity comes as part of Zepto’s ongoing series C round which includes investments by major Silicon Valley venture capitalists and other angel investors. The influx of capital will be used primarily to fuel Zepto’s continued product development and growth into more markets worldwide with an increased focus on customer success initiatives to ensure its loyal customers have a first class experience with its products and services.

Overview of YC Continuity

YC Continuity is Y Combinator’s early-stage venture capital arm, the world-renowned startup accelerator and seed investment program. The investment fund is dedicated to expanding Y Combinator’s presence in Silicon Valley by enabling companies it has invested in to scale-up more quickly and efficiently.

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YC Continuity provides more than just financing for a company: its platform helps companies to access resources, build relationships, and maximize their potential. By investing in rounds from Series A onwards, YC Continuity is an additional resource for companies who have graduated from the Accelerator program. Generally speaking, the fund will focus on Series C investments but may invest or lead early stages when the opportunity merits it. As of December 2020, YC Continuity had invested over $3 billion into 200+ companies and raised ~$2 billion across three funds since 2017. Companies mainly rely on YC Continuity’s expertise in operations, product development, corporate development and branding to achieve long-term success.

Y Combinator’s network of seasoned entrepreneurs provides an invaluable asset that can be leveraged with insight and contacts – something that Zepto took advantage of when they raised their $100M Series C round from YC Continuity earlier this year.

Reasons for the Funding

Zepto, a startup that develops software to develop custom web applications, recently had a successful $100M Series C funding round led by YC Continuity. This round doubles their total valuation to $570M.

The reasons behind their success and the decision to raise money are worth exploring, so let’s examine why they raised this round.

Zepto’s Growth and Potential

As a rapidly growing and successful startup, Zepto attracted a significant investment from YC Continuity and demonstrated its growth and potential for future success. In the two years since the company’s launch, Zepto dramatically increased its customer base, leading to revenues that tripled yearly. With an average purchase size of $500 and an impressive retention rate of 93%, Zepto has turned an initial $2.5M seed investment into an impressive $100M series C round.

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Beyond the numbers, Zepto has demonstrated a highly knowledgeable team with a deep understanding of their industry and clear plans for further developing their products. The ability to recover quickly from challenges — such as supply chain issues due to the pandemic — combined with agility in navigating market trends resulted in strong customer loyalty and highly positive ratings from their customers.

YC Continuity saw tremendous potential for growth in such a dependable firm with passionate team members committed to driving improvement each day, thus positioning them for continuing success over the long run.

YC Continuity’s Investment Strategy

YC Continuity is a venture capital fund belonging to Y Combinator, primarily focused on helping companies scale efficiently and maintain long-term success. This investment strategy is carried out via long-term investments and follow-on rounds in companies exhibiting high potential.

Typically, the fund prefers to make an initial small investment in early stage startups with one of the five “S”es: repeatable, scalable, defensible products backed by strong founders and large markets. These investments are then supplemented with growth-round investments when the company shows steady progress (for example, with consistently increasing revenue).

As part of its growth-round investments strategy, YC Continuity’s portfolio companies must demonstrate tangible achievements stemming from their previous funding round — such as developing new technologies or implementing successful strategies. YC Continuity evaluates each potential portfolio company for its unique goals that can be achieved with their support and investments. For example, when Zepto raised a $100M Series C round from YC Continuity, it indicated it was ready to pursue ambitious goals such as global expansion.

By investing in Zepto, YC Continuity is demonstrating its commitment to supporting promising high potential startups; it’s also providing Zepto with funding and access to a network of valuable contacts that will undoubtedly help them reach their goals even faster.

Impact of the Funding

With the recent $100M Series C funding round, Zepto has doubled its valuation to $570M.

This new round of funding will allow the company to continue to develop new products and expand its customer base. It is also a testament to the trust and confidence that YC Continuity has in Zepto’s potential growth.

In this article, we’ll cover the implications of the funding and how it will affect the company in the coming years.

Zepto’s Valuation Doubles

In late 2020, Zepto experienced a significant influx of funding when it raised its Series C round of $100M from YC Continuity. This influx of capital drastically increased Zepto’s valuation which more than doubled, jumping from $400M in August to more than $900M at close.

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The new funds allowed Zepto to move away from the traditional venture capital financing it had been relying on. The company no longer needed to cobble together rounds from individual investors and could focus on long-term investments by becoming cash flow positive and expanding operations, paving the way for sizable acquisitions.

The additional capital also allowed the company to double down on automation and improve customer experience internally and externally. This shift made customer data and analytics an integral in improving customer relationships, loyalty metrics, and overall customer lifetime value for the business — both developments that promise a bright future for Zepto.

Zepto’s Future Plans

By raising a $100M Series C from YC Continuity, Zepto will be much better positioned to achieve their goals. The funds will enable the company to invest more resources into their product development, which will help to bring revolutionary new products to market more quickly. Furthermore, the capital infusion will also help Zepto accelerate their international expansion initiatives as they seek to increase their presence in various countries worldwide.

Capital injection will also enable Zepto to develop strategic partnerships with institutions and other innovative companies. These partnerships are important as they give Zepto access to valuable networks and resources to help them gain an advantage over their competitors. Additionally, the funds can strengthen Zepto’s brand recognition and enter new markets where they may not have previously had a foothold.

Overall, the injection of $100M injected into Zepto has the potential to heighten its presence in various industries and nations across the globe and allow them more freedom when innovating on existing products and testing out new ones. This is an incredibly valuable and important step forward for Zepto’s growth trajectory as it allows them greater flexibility and more opportunities for success now that they have access to a greater level of funding than ever before.


In conclusion, the $100M Series C round raised by Zepto from YC Continuity is an excellent example of venture capital investing in a technology startup. The YC Continuity team was attracted to Zepto’s technology, which is focused on data-driven marketing and analytics. The investment will help Zepto expand their operations and reach new markets worldwide. In addition, this strategic move will enable Zepto to further solidify their position as a leader in data-driven marketing, creating greater value for their clients and investors.

Overall, it is an important step forward for Zepto and reinforces the power of venture capital investment in a startup company.