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Exotel is one of the leading and fastest-growing cloud-based customer engagement platforms. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to help companies better manage and engage their customers.

With their recent $40 million funding round, Exotel is poised to become the leader in customer engagement solutions.

In this article, let us learn more about Exotel and why it is the best customer engagement platform for businesses.

What is Exotel

Exotel is an innovative customer engagement platform that provides a suite of high-quality and low-cost communication channels to help businesses build relationships with their customers. Our cloud-based telephony platform helps businesses set up and manage two-way voice interactions with customers via the telephone. We offer Local Number, Toll Free Number and Virtual Numbers; all of which allow businesses to keep in touch with their customers at all times.

The Exotel platform also offers on-call queuing, smart IVR builders, analytics services and a range of other features that help businesses optimize their customer engagement process and provide superior service. Our powerful features also help streamline customer support processes, enabling businesses to improve response times, reduce costs, better understand customer behaviour and increase satisfaction rates.

At Exotel, we believe in providing top quality service by offering the most comprehensive solution for customer engagement. From establishing automated phone queues to managing metric analysis on your data; our experienced team can help you create effective customer communication systems that drive business success and foster lasting customer relationships.

What is customer engagement

Customer engagement is how businesses interact with their customers to create and cultivate a long-term relationship. It is important because it helps a business gain insights into customer needs, build loyalty, and increase satisfaction with the product or service.

At Exotel, we understand that excellent customer engagement can significantly boost sales figures. That’s why we strive to enable every business to engage with their customers in the best way possible. We proudly offer a comprehensive suite of customer engagement solutions that make it easier for businesses to connect and build strong relationships with their customers.

Our intuitive solutions help you understand your customers better through profile-based routing, personalized outreach campaigns, automated calls & messages, real-time analytics & reporting and more. Our platform is designed to make your life as an entrepreneur easier so you can spend more time on activities that truly move the needle.

We also provide unparalleled customer support round the clock so you never feel like your business interactions with customers are going unattended. All this at competitive plans that suit businesses of any size – from startups to large enterprises!

Benefits of Exotel

Exotel is a full-stack customer engagement platform that provides businesses with the tools to manage customer conversations. With $40M raised in its latest funding round, Exotel is now the leading customer engagement platform.

Exotel offers businesses many benefits, such as advanced analytics, scalability, and more. This article will outline the key benefits of Exotel as a customer engagement platform.

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Multi-channel customer engagement

Exotel provides businesses with various options to run their customer engagement platforms. Whether a start-up or an established enterprise, Exotel has everything a business needs to provide its customers with an unmatched experience while conversing with them.

The platform enables organizations to boost customer engagement by supporting channels like voice calls, missed calls, text messages and emails. With the help of this multi-channel approach, companies can now communicate with their target audience through the channel they prefer. Enterprises would now be able to target customers in real time as per their preferences and business needs.

When it comes to customer service, Exotel allows enterprises to build smart IVRs along with automated reply rules which take advantage of the latest AI technology available in the market. Moreover, companies can integrate Exotel with existing social media accounts so that any message sent out from any account is routed through Exotel for tracking purposes. Additionally, businesses could engage their teams more effectively by setting up internal IVRs for better reporting and workflow management across teams within the organization.

Apart from these features, Exotel also offers its users pre-call announcements as well as post call surveys which enable organizations to get feedback on how they are servicing their customers in terms of efficiency and overall experience while exchanging data over phone or other mediums like email or SMS. Companies would now be able to measure customer sentiment through sentiment analysis to meet their revenue goals efficiently while providing excellent customer service round the year – something which was not possible before the introduction of multi-channel customer engagement platform like Exotel.

Automation and personalization

Exotel stands out from its competitors with its unique approach to customer engagement. Automation and personalization are the two major features that set Exotel apart and provide an exceptional user experience. With Exotel, companies have reduced the cost of customer engagement significantly, while achieving higher customer satisfaction scores through personalized service and automated responses.

Exotel provides customers with the ability to customize their communications to provide a personalized experience for each caller or message recipient. Companies can use this feature to target different segments of their audience with specific content and tailored conversations, allowing them to quickly adjust their strategy as needed for maximum engagement. Additionally, customers are able to choose from various communication channels such as voice, email and SMS so they can tailor their response based on who they’re speaking with and what device they’re using.

Another great feature provided by Exotel is automation which helps streamline customer interactions even further by automating certain tasks such as appointment confirmations, account quiz questions or order updates so that you can spend more time engaging directly with your customers without the time-consuming manual effort of entering data into large databases or sending multiple emails out manually. By using automation, companies can save time while ensuring reliable accuracy across all channels, eliminating potential errors that could lead to lost sales or dissatisfied customers.

Finally, using analytics dashboards provided by Exotel allows companies to track user behaviour including what products they’re viewing most often, how long it’s taking them to complete a purchase and whether or not their support teams are responding quickly enough—allowing managers to take corrective action on moments notice in order deploy resources where needed most effectively for improved overall performance.

AI-driven customer service

At Exotel, we’re proud to offer a customer engagement platform powered by artificial intelligence. With AI-driven customer service, you can take advantage of our advanced automation capabilities which enables your business to save time, improve efficiency and boost satisfaction.

Our AI-driven customer service ensures that your customers have the best possible experience. We leverage technology like natural language processing and machine learning to proactively anticipate customer needs and understand their context to guide them through primarily interactions with your brand. This technology lets us automatically recognize frequently asked questions, route customers to the right person or department, personalize conversations with contextual data about the customer, decode sentiment for effective resolution and even recommend products or services tailored for each customer.

With an AI-driven approach to customer service from Exotel, you can provide your customers with fast, personalized responses quickly and consistently across all channels. This gives customers a more unified experience while allowing businesses to scale up quickly without compromising on quality or losing control of their interactions with clients. Furthermore, AI eliminates repetitive tasks so teams can focus on more complex initiatives which leads to improved productivity and cost savings.

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Features of Exotel

Exotel, a full-stack customer engagement platform, has recently raised $40M in funding to expand and strengthen its products.

Exotel offers a range of features to help businesses efficiently connect and engage with their customers including advanced analytics, automated workflows, and an automated contact center.

Let’s look at some of the features in more detail.

Call routing

Exotel’s advanced call routing capabilities enable you to quickly connect your customers to the right person at the right time. This powerful feature automated your customer’s journey. Exotel also provides hosted IVR – Interactive Voice Response – which makes it easier for businesses to handle inbound customer calls. This solution helps in directing customers to the relevant team member, recording and tracking requests, fixing appointments and filtering out unwanted calls before reaching their desk. You can also utilize features like remarketing dialer, automated callback, bridging calling for better customer interactions and to increase your conversions.

Exotel enables users to create a single number that can be utilized for both incoming as well as outgoing calls for improved efficiency and increased brand value. It also helps in identifying calls from certain locations as well as from certain numbers through its call classification feature and helps route high priority calls to their respective departments efficiently while allowing non-priority incoming requests a more relaxed treatment so they never feel neglected. In addition, Exotel provides dynamic functions like smart caller locations that help route customers based on the origin of their phone numbers or by branding the caller ID of outgoing calls etc., taking the visibility of your business one step ahead.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of the most prominent features offered by Exotel. It is an automated telephony system businesses use to interact with callers, collect information and route calls to the appropriate recipients. IVR helps streamline communications and provide customers a better overall experience, eliminating the need for long wait times and manual calls.

With Exotel’s IVR, businesses can easily create unique experiences for all types of customers including casual callers, VIPs, or recurring business contacts. The system allows organizations to design personalized automated responses that are intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, Exotel provides business owners with the tools they need to track high-level insights into how people interact with their IVR systems, allowing both small and large enterprises to gain a greater understanding of their customer’s needs.

Exotel also offers other helpful features such as advanced call routing capabilities that enable businesses to easily route calls based on priority or type of customer. This not only helps organizations improve their customer service operations but also increases efficiency by ensuring that all incoming calls reach their intended destination in a timely manner. With its integrated SMS capabilities, customers can quickly contact organizations for assistance and feedback via text messages directly from Exotel’s interface.

Overall, Exotel’s comprehensive features make it one of the best platforms available for customer engagement scenarios such as call tracking, IVR systems, queue management etc. As a result of its industry-leading features and services, Exotel is consistently rated highly amongst organizations seeking an omni-channel solution for their customer engagement needs.

Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is an automated, outbound calling solution that lets you quickly reach your customers and prospects with just a “click of a button”. With Exotel’s Voice Broadcasting tool, you can instantly broadcast messages to thousands of people in any language and customize them to each recipient according to their geographic location.

Exotel Voice Broadcasting enables users to quickly and easily set up voice broadcast campaigns in minutes. With voice broadcasting Exotel provides users the ability to:

  • Quickly launch outbound marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Upload contact lists in CSV format, send mass text messages in bulk and broadcast custom audio/voice/music files
  • Schedule your broadcasts or instantly deliver messages as soon as they are uploaded
  • Utilize analytics tools including call tracking metrics like call duration, answer rate & abandoned rate of the calls
  • Personalize customer experiences through tailored IVR flows
  • Integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce & Hubspot for streamlined customer engagement

Voice broadcasting is a powerful tool for customer service teams that need an easy-to-use messaging platform for efficient outreach campaigns with maximum reach, visibility & impact.

Exotel’s latest funding round

Exotel, the leading customer engagement platform, recently raised $40M in its latest funding round. This brings the total raised by the company to $65M. With this new influx of cash, the company will continue to expand its full-stack customer engagement platform, which boasts an easy-to-use interface and integrated suite of features.

In this article, we’ll discuss why Exotel is the best customer engagement platform and how it can help you better manage your customer relationships.

Investment from Tiger Global

On October 22, 2019, Exotel, India’s leading cloud-based customer engagement platform, announced a fresh round of funding of $16 million from Tiger Global. This is the company’s second institutional investor after taking seed capital from Accel Partners in 2013.

This investment joins Exotel in its mission to provide comprehensive and easy-to-use customer engagement solutions for businesses across all industries and sizes. Through this investment round, Exotel strives to make customer engagement even easier by providing innovative and effective communication solutions.

With this new funding and ambition to become a leader in the Indian customer management space, Exotel plans on expanding its offerings by introducing new products and services that will offer more ways for businesses to engage with their customers. This will include technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, analytics and automation tools that can be used either individually or integrated to create an unparalleled user experience.

The company plans on utilizing the funds to build technology-driven customer engagements, invest in cutting edge research & development capabilities such as AI & Machine Learning, expand its sales & marketing operations and bolster its team further. This strategic decision has enabled Exotel to continue providing their world class services while eventually gaining an enviable position among peer companies worldwide.

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Plans for the future

Exotel’s latest funding round has given the company the resources to plan for the future of customer engagement and expand their reach globally. With this additional investment, Exotel plans to enhance its customer care products, invest in artificial intelligence technology, leverage analytics capabilities and develop new technologies that will help improve customer experiences.

The new funding will also enable Exotel to take advantage of emerging software-driven opportunities in customer engagement across different industries including e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality and banking. This will likely result in better engagements with existing customers as well as potential customers by using analytics and natural language processing (NLP) for improving customer service abilities.

By leveraging its data insights, Exotel can stay ahead of emerging tech trends such as voice recognition and machine learning to further enhance its offerings and remain at the forefront of next generation customer care experiences. Additionally, it will be able to focus more on B2B sales outside India thus increasing international presence within the sector.

This is an exciting step forward for Exotel’s efforts towards serving a global audience. The team is constantly innovating products based on feedback from customers around the world which is why these funds are vital towards driving the company’s continued growth. As this funding allows them to focus on developing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and NLP, it ensures they remain fully equipped in helping businesses succeed. As businesses are increasingly relying on technology both internally and externally, Exotel’s expertise can become essential in their operations efficiently managing diverse customer experiences.


In conclusion, Exotel is the best customer engagement platform because it offers features such as AI-based automation and customer segmentation, timely customer support, and more. With its low-code business model, businesses can quickly get their customer-engagement platform up and running without hassle. The recent $40M funding round also shows the increasing confidence of investors in Exotel’s scalable infrastructure.