If you’ve ever seen this video by PewDiePie, then the answer is “No.” While most people would agree that there are a few unrealistic things in the virtual game of RuneScape, it’s not really possible to have butlers make planks.
One reason why? You can’t just pick up wood and start sawing without knowing how to use an axe or hatchet! On top of that, even if you did know how to cut with one tool, building anything out of planks requires more than just cutting down trees. Finally – as many players found out after making their own houses for themselves – it takes hours (and hours!) to build something worthwhile from these materials.,

The “demon butler osrs” is a video game that was released in 2009. The game was developed by the British company, Demonware.

Can butlers make planks Osrs?

Osrs, can butlers create planks?

Butlers may use the Sawmill to make boards out of logs. They leave with the Sawmill charge. Carry marked logs, then ask the Butler to unnote them, then request that the unnoted logs be delivered to the Sawmill.

Osrs, how many boards can you produce in one hour?

Plank, 1850

Is Plank going to be AFK?

Make a plank. Cast a tan hide spell. Fremmy is required. It’s a difficult journal. It isn’t “afk,” but it is quite basic and requires little care.

Is it possible to earn money using Plank?

Also, due to the expense each log when processed, keep a good amount of money on hand. 90,000 hours of magic each hour At 47 seconds per inventory, 166,500 Magic is available. When utilizing a staff to substitute earth runes, the rune cost of the Make a plank spell is 440 coins…. Planks are made via casting.

Spellbook of the Moon
Profit Gained experience
157,000 90,000

Is it true that planks are less expensive?

Make a plank is a Lunar Magic spell that creates planks. When cast, it will turn one suitable log into a plank of the same kind without the need to sprint from the bank to the Sawmill. There is still a conversion charge (in addition to the cost of the runes), but it is 30% less than the Sawmill operator.

Is it true that creating planks earns you XP?

While making planks from logs can save money, it does not give any experience and is therefore considered simply a money making method for normal accounts. There are four tiers of planks: regular, oak, teak, and mahogany, each with increasing cost and Gained experience from using it.

How much does it cost to create a plank?

Make a plank

Log Plank The price in coins
Make a plank
Logs Plank 70
Oak logs Oak plank 175
Teak logs Plank of teak 350

How much do mahogany logs cost to transform into planks?

A Sawmill can make Plank of mahoganys from Mahogany logs for 1,500 coins apiece.

Do you get paid to produce planks, Osrs?

Making oak boards at the Sawmill is a good method to supplement your income. One oak log and 250 pennies are required for each plank. The Balloon transport system, which needs completion of Enlightened Journey, is the quickest method to go to the Sawmill.

What is the average amount of experience per board in mahogany homes?

Costs of Experience

Tier Item xp/GP (Outfit)
Beginner Plank -2.18
Novice Oak plank -2.39
Adept Plank of teak -2.81
Expert Plank of mahogany -5.8

Is making Osrs boards profitable?

Making Plank of mahoganys at the Sawmill is a decent way to make money. Each plank requires one mahogany log and 1,500 coins. The fastest way to get to the Sawmill is through the Balloon transport system, which requires completion of Enlightened Journey.

Is it less expensive to purchase planks or to construct Osrs?

Construction is always costly, unless you build everything yourself. It’s around 1m if you’re aiming for 50 construction, so it’s not worth it to make your own planks. If you’re aiming for 50 or more, I’d still prefer purchasing planks since the time you spend building them may be time you spend producing money.

What is the cost of oak planks in Osrs?

Using a Sawmill to create an oak plank costs 250 coins, whilst using the Make a plank spell costs 175 coins, plus the cost of the runes to cast it.

How much does it cost to make Plank of mahoganys Osrs?

A Sawmill can make Plank of mahoganys from Mahogany logs for 1,500 coins apiece. They can also be found as a reward from elite Treasure Trails.

Is Make a plank AFK Osrs?

It isn’t “afk,” but it is quite basic and requires little care. All you have to do is bank your hides, extract them, click the spell five times, bank them, and repeat. You can use the fill bank option to make it so that you can click the deposit inventory button while still having your runes in your inventory.

Osrs, are you able to create your own planks?

Creation. Members training Construction can bring logs to a sawmill to make planks at a cost of 100 coins each. Alternatively, the Lunar spell Make a plank can allow players to convert the logs to planks at a lower cost, but at the expense of runes.

What can you make with Plank of teaks Osrs?

If Plank of teaks are used, people usually make flat-packs of teak chairs and then eventually, teak dining tables. Each Plank of teak is worth 90 Construction experience, so the maximum experience per inventory available is 2160 for 6 dining tables. Teak garden benches are also a better alternative at higher levels.

Osrs, how do you build teak tables?

A dining table made of teak. In a player-owned home, a teak table may be erected in the Table area in the Dining Room. It takes 38 Construction to construct, and once completed, it provides a 360-degree experience. To construct it, the player needs have a hammer and a saw in their inventory.

Osrs, how do you get to teak logs?

A lone tree south-west of Castle Wars, reachable via a dueling ring, is the most uncontrolled source of teak wood. Bkp will dump you closer to the tree place if you have access to the fairy rings.

Should I put teak logs in the bank, Osrs?

These logs are often used by players for firemaking and construction. The greatest spot to find teak trees is in the woods south-west of Castle Wars. All that is required of players is to cut down the tree at the specified spot and bank when their inventory is full.

Osrs, how do you keep teak trees safe?

Players may pay 15 limpwurt roots to the squirrel gardener to safeguard their tree from illness while it is growing.

What is the source of Dragon AXE Osrs?

The dragon axe may be acquired as a rare drop from the Waterbirth Island Dungeon’s Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime, and Dagannoth Supreme. It may also be earned as a very uncommon prize from a supply crate after achieving at least 500 points in the battle against the Wintertodt.

What is the source of Rune AXE?

Perry’s Chop-chop Shop, located in the Woodcutting Guild on Great Kourend, sells rune axes. They may also be gained as a common prize from a hard clue scroll or as a monster drop.

What is the definition of a Hespori seed?

Hespori seeds are a kind of seed that requires level 65 Farming to plant. They may only be planted in the Hespori patch using a seed dibber obtained in the Farming Guild’s west wing cave. It will mature into the Hespori when fully grown, a demi-boss that may be fought for 12,600 Farming experience.