In this article, I will be discussing how to delete all items in Skyrim and what the result would be if you did not do so.

The “remove all items command skyrim” is a command-line tool that allows players to remove all items from the game. It’s not possible to delete them by pressing the X button in the inventory menu, as it will only remove one item at a time.

How do you delete all items in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, how can you wipe everything?

Removeallitems is a command in Skyrim. This cheat will remove all things from your target’s inventory. This command is applicable to both NPCs and containers. To clean your personal inventory, use ‘player. removeallitems’.

In the wilderness, how do you empty your inventory?

By hitting the E key while holding the Metal Tin Tray, the other player may grab the things from you. If you merely want to take an item from your hand, press G. The object will be ‘dropped,’ but it will be returned to your inventory rather than deposited on the ground, unless it is a huge item like a log.

In Skyrim, how can I get rid of NPC helmets?

1 Answer

  1. Open the console and select the NPC.
  2. Put the cloth you wish to equip from your inventory into ‘openactorcontainer 1’.
  3. There should be a list of stuff the npc possesses if you type’showinventory’.
  4. removeitem [ITEM ID] 1 removeitem 001b1be 1 removeitem 001b1be 1 removeitem 001b1be 1 removeitem 001b1be 1 removeitem 001b1be 1 removeitem 001b1

What is the best way to get followers out of armor?

There are various options if you’re using a computer:

  1. Console Commands: Using showinventory and equipitem together will cause the follower to put on anything you wish. You may also use removeitem to entirely remove the item from them.
  2. A mod like this one will also solve the problem.

Is it possible for followers to wield weapons when trapped in the soul trap?

Followers may fill soul gems on the Dragonborn’s behalf if they have soul gems in their inventory and a weapon with the Soul Trap enchantment, according to the follower article. Yes, your follower can absorb souls if they have empty soul gems and a weapon with a soul trap.

Is it true that Magicka regen works on followers?

Health Regen is only intended to operate while the follower isn’t fighting, therefore it’s very pointless in my opinion. Make both Restore Magicka and Fortify Magicka Regen potions. The follower will sip them for magicka, and ideally the Alchemy regen effect will be more effective than the Enchanting effect.