Just like you, I am on the banned list. If you feel that your account is innocent and has been wrongly punished, please contact us so we can analyze it.
Introduction: Just because someone signs up to an online game doesn’t mean they are automatically allowed free reign over their computer or phone in real life. The same goes for any other platform where people sign up with a username as well such as League of Legends or World Of Warcraft or Minecraft (which all have terms agreeing not to harass others). So if someone sends inappropriate messages/bullying another player through chat in these platforms, whether it be one message from somebody else saying “I hope you die”, just don’t send those type of messages back!

The “league of legends permanent ban appeal” is a service that allows players to submit an appeal for their permanent ban. If the player is banned for cheating, they can send in their case and have it analyzed by Riot Games.

How can I get unbanned from League of Legends?

How can I get my League of Legends ban lifted?

Riot Support is the place to go if you want to be unbanned. For your appeal, send them a few nice, non-demanding texts and wait for a response. If you get a negative answer, don’t repeat the error that resulted in your account suspension and create a new account.

How can I get in touch with Riot to request a ban?

To begin, go to the Riot support website and choose the “Submit a Ticket” option. Select the “discuss a personal suspension or restriction” option from the drop-down menu after you’ve arrived on the new page. This will initiate an appeal letter in which you will contest your unjust sentence.

Why do TikTok accounts get suspended?

Through your video, you may insult a group of people or breach the TikTok community standards due to a mistake or harmful material. Your TikTok account may be temporarily or permanently suspended as a result of this behaviour.

How many times must a TikTok account be reported before it is removed?

To deactivate a TikTok account, how many reports are required? As few as zero, depending on the infraction recorded. If Tik-Tok administrators believe a user is there for sexual purposes, to entice youngsters into doing harmful things, or to publish items that violate the TOS*, the user’s account will be deleted.

What is the minimum number of reports required to get banned from Snapchat?

three (3) reports Well

How many times does an account have to be reported on Instagram before it is deleted?

The reports will only be taken into consideration when they have been verified by Instagram’s staff. Accounts that publish obscene, abusive, anti-social, or other types of material are more likely to be suspended after three to four complaints. Instagram never likes to see its Community Guidelines violated.

What happens if I uninstall Tik Tok?

You won’t be able to log in with that username after you’ve deleted the account. You’ll also lose access to any movies you’ve uploaded and any things you’ve bought. Any things bought will not be refunded. Other users searching for your profile will see your account as “Deactivated.”