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The “tome of fire” is a book that was released in the year 2013. The book has been discontinued by its author, J.K Rowling. It was discontinued because it had too many pages and needed to be reformatted for new technology.

Do you lose burnt pages Osrs?

Osrs, do you ever lose pages that have been burned?

Of course, when the tome of fire is secured. Only if the Tome of Fire is among the things you’d lose if you died. You will retain all pages within the Tome if you die but maintain the Tome.

Ibans Blast makes use of burned pages?

While equipped, the tome may be charged with burned pages to serve as a source of fire runes. Despite the fact that Iban Blast, Flames of Zamorak, and smoke are battle spells that need fire runes to cast, they do not gain the 50% damage increase or expend any charges.

How good is Iban’s Osrs blast?

Iban Blast has a maximum hit of 25, making it ideal for killing low-level players and Barrows. Iban Blast uses one charge from the staff when used on an NPC, and two charges when cast on another player. Up to 120 charges may be held by the staff.

Is the Iban Blast more powerful than the Fire Blast?

“Iban maxes 25, fire blast maxes 24,” Woox said on Twitter.

Ibans Blast is a wind spell, right?

Iban Blast is a combat spell that requires 50 Magic to cast….Navigation.

  Windstorms Spells involving water Spells of the Earth Spells using fire
God casts charms Saradomin Strikes Guthix’s Claws Charges Zamorak’s Flames
Other Iban Blast Magic Dart Crumble Undead

How can I use Iban’s staff to attack?

Iban’s staff is a spellcaster’s staff that may be used to cast Iban Blast. It may be gained by defeating Lord Iban, the wicked magician, at the conclusion of the Underground Pass quest. To use Iban’s staff, you’ll need 50 Magic and 50 Attack. Iban Blast uses one charge from the staff when used on a monster, and two charges when used on another player.

Is there a subterranean route with a spade?

A bow, arrows, spade, and rope are all necessary. Bring the remainder of your supplies now, including the spade, since there is no turning back after this stage unless you wish to repeat the dungeon entirely. When you enter (#1), you’ll see three roads leading in various directions. Equip yourself with a bow and arrows.

Is it possible to sell Osrs God staffs?

It is only accessible once the Mage Arena minigame has been completed, and it sells the three god staves for 80,000 coins.


The “tome of fire wilderness” is a book that you can buy in the game RuneScape. It costs 100 coins, but it’s not just any old book. The tome of fire wilderness will tell you how many pages you’ve burnt and how much time you have left before your account is banned for burning too many pages.