The banned champions are some of the most iconic and recognizable in League of Legends. The bans, which often occur during official tournaments, serve as a deterrent for hackers to avoid detection. It’s also not uncommon for players with poor sportsmanship or who have bad behavior online to be banned from the game completely.,

The “most banned champions all time” is a list of the most banned champions in League of Legends. The list includes champions from every position.

Who are the most banned champions in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, which champions have the most bans?

There are a few champions that will always be banned in competitive play, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro (and even in normals). Here are the top 15 League of Legends champions on the ban list this year, according to analytics site

What was the reason behind blitzcrank’s suspension from League of Legends?

Blitzcrank’s pull and uppercut combination may instantly draw adversaries into a team fight, and if he strikes the correct target, the battle might be over in a second. Blitzcrank isn’t an odd ban target, and since he’s been around from the beginning, there are many of methods to use against him.

What is the League of Legends ban rate?

Pro-players have motivated many amateurs to start experimenting with the characters they take into the jungle, thanks to a 20% ban rate on OP.GG. In the most recent Summer Split, fans saw jungle Karthus, as well as casuals bombing as Twitch went 0/15. 4 Volibear

In League of Legends, what is the ban rate for volibear?

For many teams, Volibear will be the only tank, with a “support” Karma or Pyke in the bottom lane and a damage-dealing Wukong or Camille in the top lane. Across all levels, he has a ban rate of about 28%.

In League of Legends, how are champions ranked?

The April 2021 League of Legends Tier List divides champions into five tiers depending on their popularity and ban rate, with Diamond, Master, and above being the most popular. All regions are taken into account. Based on their draft rate (pick + ban rate), all champions are grouped into five categories.

Master Yi is the most banned champion for a reason.

Master Yi is renowned as a true “mono finger” because many people believe that if you simply utilize your “Q” talent, everything would be solved. In a ranked match, Master Yi is a champion to be feared, hence he’s one of the most banned. Why do we call Master Yi the most outlawed?

Why is Amumu the world’s most outlawed champion?

Amumu is a champion that is almost always banned, and if he isn’t, he will cause a lot of problems in the game. Why do we call Amumu the most outlawed? He is a tank champion, after all.


The “most banned champions lol 2021” is a list of the most banned champions in League of Legends. The list includes all banned champions from the last 5 years.