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The “why is lollipop chainsaw so expensive” is a question that many people have been asking. The game is not worth the price tag, but it still has its fans.

How much is Lollipop Chainsaw worth?

What is the value of the Chainsaw with a Lollipop?

Playstation 3 Chainsaw with a Lollipop

Loose Complete Price Classification
+$46.75 +$0.54.54 = $46.75 +$61.65 +$0.75.75 = $61.65 -$3.00 –$3.00 -$137.00 -$3.00 -$3.00 -$ -$3.00 -$
1 sale per week in volume 2 daily sales 1 year’s worth of sales
Graded Box  
-$3.00 –$3.00 -$137.00 -$3.00 -$3.00 -$ -$3.00 -$ $22.97 $0.00.00 $22.97  

What platforms does Chainsaw with a Lollipop support?

Juliet Starling (voiced by Tara Strong), a cheerleader zombie hunter at a fictitious California high school, fights zombies….

Chainsaw with a Lollipop
Engine Unreal Engine 3 is a game engine developed by Epic Games.
Platform(s) Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
Release NA: June 12, 2012; AU: June 13, 2012; JP: June 14, 2012; EU: June 15, 2012; NA: June 12, 2012; AU: June 13, 2012; JP: June 14, 2012; EU: June 15, 2012

Will there be a Chainsaw with a Lollipop 2?

Chainsaw with a Lollipop 2 is a game for the New Nintendo Switch that serves as the second installment in the Chainsaw with a Lollipop franchise, being the sequel to Chainsaw with a Lollipop, released in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and in 2022 for the New Switch as the launch title Chainsaw with a Lollipop Remastered.

Does Chainsaw with a Lollipop work on Xbox one?

‘Chainsaw with a Lollipop’ and ‘Stubbs the Zombie’ Need to be Added to Xbox’s Backward Compatible List. Through the years, Xbox has done an impressive job of adding a consistent list of backward compatible titles. This has included both Xbox and Xbox 360 titles.

How do you get all the costumes in Chainsaw with a Lollipop?

After beating the game, all of the outfits available as DLC in the Japanese version will be accessible in the normal Warner Bros. edition. After beating the game once on any level, they become available for purchase at Chop2Shop. zom.

Will Chainsaw with a Lollipop get a remaster?

Chainsaw with a Lollipop Remastered is an action hack and slash game that was released on February 11, 2022 as a launch title for the New Nintendo Switch. It is a remaster of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Chainsaw with a Lollipop, the first installment in the Chainsaw with a Lollipop franchise.

How many levels are in Chainsaw with a Lollipop?

It must have been painful to beat him with Juliet’s bust, but there are six stages in all.

Does backwards compatibility on the Xbox One work with discs?

Xbox backward compatibility works with both digital and physical media. In reality, if you insert a compatible disc into your Xbox One or Series X, the system will initially download the game from the Xbox store, however the disc must be inserted each time you play.

Is Chainsaw with a Lollipop reverse compatible?

One of your other games, The Killer is Dead, is backwards compatible. Thanks to your deadicated service to keep games playable on XBOX ONE consoles please consider making Chainsaw with a Lollipop backwards compatible.

Juliet Starling is a fictional character.

Juliet Starling is the protagonist of Chainsaw with a Lollipop. A student and cheerleader at the fictional Californian San Romero High School, she is forced to take action when the institution is inundated with a zombie outbreak on her birthday.

Will there ever be a Chainsaw with a Lollipop 2?

Where are all the numbers in Chainsaw with a Lollipop?

Number 1 is behind the bus, on a pole, where you’ll locate the 2nd classmate. Number 2 is located behind another bus, which is where you will discover your third classmate. When you leap up onto a ledge in the alley, number 3 is to the right behind a fence. Number 4 is the mastermind behind the crashed helicopter with which you fight at the chapter’s conclusion.

Where are the medals in Chainsaw with a Lollipop story?

Take your time, and don’t press forward on the left joystick since it will cause Juliet’s dash to slow down and her steering to become jerky. Take the right-hand way when the path forks. Near the conclusion of the rooftop area, there is a ramp with 9 medals floating above it in a square of three rows of three.

How to kill zombies in Chainsaw with a Lollipop story?

The only one that is difficult is the one that is stuck on the flag pole with zombies at the bottom. Save up your power meter, which should be full by the time you get to him or at the conclusion of the first combat in his territory. You’ll be inundated by zombies as you open the gate, and if you don’t kill them first, he’ll die quickly.

In the tale walkthrough, where are the Lollipops?

Chainsaw with a Lollipop Story walkthrough I will list the lollipops at the beginning of each chapter so you can look for them as you progress. They will be listed in the order they can be found, but by the number they are in the in-game collectible book so you can backtrack for any you miss easier.


The “lollipop chainsaw ps3 price” is a game that was released on the PlayStation 3 in 2012 and has since been ported to other platforms. The game was originally priced at $19.99, but it is now available for $4.99.

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